Business Overview

Main Online Stores

Business Overview

Cafe 24B2B Shopping Center

B2B dedicated online closed shopping center with over 2000 monthly users nationwide

Business Overview


Strengthen B2C market brand image and build market through promotions and Coupang Groo

Representative Products

Automobile Grounding Device

The only majority of vehicles in China that support listing in South Korea

Camping/RV Accessories

Multiple soundproofing pad products that can withstand extreme weather conditions overseas

Automotive A/V Accessories

Multiple A/V accessories designed for domestic vehicles

Camping/RV Accessories

Making accessories and accessories for campers and RVs

Cable, Noise Filter

High quality cables and various noise filters

Main Products

A Clip

Domestic production and development of customized vehicle brackets


Self developed and assembled car mounted soldering paper

Car Refrigerator

Import sales and self repair of more than 10 types of car refrigerators


Self developed and assembled in car power bank

Ongoing Plans

With the decline of the automotive market in the late 2020's, investment portfolios have diversified

Enhance & Expand The Online Market

Improve operational efficiency and performance through assembly, production, after-sales service, CS, marketing, internal promotions, and direct operation of on-site sales headquarters

Strengthen Internal Personnel Of The Company

As a Coupang Groser, expand the online market through various open market collaborations such as NAVER Reach Protection

Enhance & Expand The Online Market

B2B Mall

B2B Mall

Online CS

B2B Mall


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